Working with RangstrupIT

RangstrupIT mainly focuses on long term projects and especially within the area of new product development. We have done a lot of simple projects, like static web sites and minor desktop applications, but we typically only undertake these when the projects can lead to a more extensive cooperation with the customer. The reason that we focus so much on longer term projects is due to the cost/benefit ratio of offshore outsourcing being so much more advantageous when projects are larger. Also, by having fewer projects, we are able to keep administrative costs low, which results in us being able to hire absolute top-end human resources while keeping the hourly prices at the same level as our competitors – or lower!

The main ways in which you can work with RangstrupIT are shown below.

Time and Material Engagement (T&M)

A ‘Time and Material Engagement’ contract is normally used for custom software development projects, where there will not be a need for continuous ongoing development support and maintenance. Also, this engagement method is used in conjunction with other cooperation methods to temporarily provide specialty knowledge to a project or “power up” the development effort for a period of time.

  • Provides maximum flexibility of resources and time
  • Highest priced offering
  • Payments are monthly
  • There is typically no deposit needed to initiate a project
  • Human resources are solely decided by RangstrupIT

Offshore Development Center (ODC)

This setup is used when existing established companies have long term continuous software development needs that they wish to have supported outhouse. With this setup, a company has less flexibility in terms of how fast they can add or remove resources to the team, but at the same time enjoys a number of benefits.

  • Dedicated full time resources
  • Choice of resources for the ODC among those proposed by RangstrupIT
  • Lower priced resources compared to the Time and Material Engagement format
  • Deposits needed for each resource allocated to the ODC
  • Fixed monthly payments
  • Limited administrative support compared to Incubation Services Setups

Incubation Services Setup

This service is a unique offering from RangstrupIT. It provides a perfect setup for IT start-ups – who have limited administrative and development resources – to get their project/product idea off the ground quickly and efficiently. The setup is similar to that of the ODC, but differs in the following ways:

  • Rather than having to set up a new company, using this setup format, it is possible to have contractual ownership of the product until the Intellectual Rights are ready to be “transferred” to an actual incorporated company
  • Since there is no company, all financial and administrative costs are shared with other setups under RangstrupIT, and the owners of the Incubation Services Setup will just get a monthly financial statement that shows cash-flow, profit and loss, remaining “equity”, etc.
  • Option (for a cost) of converting manpower resources to new company resources when the project is ready to stand on its own feet (thus retaining the structural capital that was built up)

To read more about Incubation Services, please click here.

Invested Incubation Services Setup

RangstrupIT has a number of its own new IT start-ups running that also work as incubation services projects under the same scheme as the one mentioned above. But our investments are not limited to our own ideas. If individuals or companies come in with an idea that we feel is so attractive and interesting and that we would like to be part of it, we are willing to invest in the idea, thus making us a “one stop shop” for getting your project idea off the ground (both venture capital and structural support). Even companies, who have the necessary finances to develop an idea by themselves, may be interested in getting RangstrupIT as investors, as it has a number of advantages that make it more beneficial to that of a regular Incubation Services Setup.

  • Low cost resources (even down to below actual base cost – of course dependent on the size of our Investment)
  • Conversion of Project Management resource usage to ownership, thus minimizing actual capital investment needs
  • Board of Director benefits (RangstrupIT’s experienced Directors will be available to provide strategic input)

To read more about Incubation Services, please click here.