We are looking for QA/Support Analysts

We are looking for Senior Quality Assurance/Support Analysts for our ever growing team. Are you ready to meet the challenge of some of the most complex systems around, then join us and try a whole new way of working!

The Company
Our company has existed for close to 4 years and we are supporting a number of prestigious clients in Europe with their software production needs. We are particularly focusing on solutions within eGovernment, Identity and Access Management, Banking and Insurance, and Knowledge Management. We both support projects based on Time and Material as well as long term product development support. We have had a remarkable success over the last couple of years and our clients love our commitment, short response times, flexibility and professionalism.

We have a vision of only consisting of the 1% best resources that Vietnam has to offer. If you do not feel that you are the person at your current job, that has the best technical understanding as well as ability to deliver consistent, high-quality work at top speed, then read no further. If you are the best, you may just be the person we are looking for.

Our main office is in Denmark, but we have just opened an office in HCMC. Although we have just opened in Vietnam, we are by no means new on the block. We already are a group of foreign consultants and local support analysts who have worked together for close to a decade. We generally have hired within our network based on recommendations, but due to recent growth, we need to look beyond our network to find resources who feel the same way we do about IT.

We are not looking for average resources who are happy doing the same kind of code day in and day out from 9 to 5 and then go home and forget all about it till the next day. A job with our company is a lot more hectic than what you will find at many other companies. We keep on taking on more projects that we can handle, keep promising deadlines that are near impossible, and – most importantly of all – keep delivering beyond the constantly increasing expectations that our clients have to us. This does although in no way mean that we do not care about the individual. We present a flexibility that is unique, especially for employees who have children and need to bring them to school or pick them up during typical work hours. If a meeting does not suit your schedule you can try to rearrange it with your team or the client – we all try to adjust to each other’s needs and wishes.

Our ability to deliver is based purely on the kind of people that we are. Every single employee is a one man army. We don’t have projects where 3 or 4 people work on the same task – everyone is given their own area of responsibility and everyone is expected to deliver to not let the other team members down. But when you are a team of likeminded individuals who are proud of performing well, then life in many ways also gets simpler. With high trust in others comes less worry about the entirety of the project.

We want to make sure that there are no blind spots in the organization – nowhere to get lost. When you join us your deliveries and skills will constantly be in the spotlight – we feel obligated to make sure you know we care about you. But you must take charge of the situation and be your own strictest manager. When your team gives you an assignment they will expect you will find the way to deliver, even when you do not know the answer beforehand.

You will find that there are many things that work in a completely different way in our company than at other places, most importantly:
Many people work from home but communicate with others using Skype and email. We of course do meet at the office often for meetings and team work.

We don’t like to work 12 people in booths in one long row. Our office has flexible seating and lots of meeting and pair programming spaces.
We don’t have fixed work hours. You are the one to decide the time when you can most efficiently work, but we expect very detailed time registration, so that we can keep track of your deliveries and performance and we of course expect you to be on time for meetings and online chat sessions. Coordination and organization is a key element of a flexible work environment.

Everyone has laptops. We move around a lot and often need to work during evenings or weekends.

With such a flexible work environment you will find that you need to be online a lot and accessible during more hours of the day than other jobs. Your colleagues may often need an answer for you, so 30 minutes late night work to just handle the latest questions from your colleagues or from the customers may be a necessity. For most of our people this comes naturally. The fact that we are a generation who are constantly online also means that the borders between work and free time are more blurry than ever. What is unique about our organization is the fact that we try to fit our way of working with this change.

We want you to earn a lot. We have a very advantageous overtime system, since we are selling our resources to our customers by the hour, we want you to work more hours to be able to afford whatever it is you dream of.

You will be working with some of the smartest people you have ever worked with before. Guys who are used to discussing all aspects of technology with customers who have worked in the IT business for decades. Guys who love technology and hate code that is not top notch. In short – people you can learn a lot from!

Working like this takes a special kind of person. Someone who can motivate them self and who does not need someone looking over their shoulder to perform. If you cannot organize your day well enough to be effective and efficient over the duration of a workday, you will not last long with us. If you can manage to be your own strictest manager on a daily basis, you will find no more rewarding job than with us. We love our work and we love the challenges that our job brings us. We work hard and we party hard! We see all team members as equals and listen to everyone’s opinion. We want everyone to feel they are an important part of the organization. We feel we are the company structure and environment of the Internet age … and we are looking for people who feel just like we do!

The Job
We need a senior QA/Support analyst who has a broad all-round knowledge of best practice in all facets of software development in term of testing as well as supporting clients. You do not need to be expert in all known technologies, but we expect you to understand technology and be able to learn new things fast.

Required knowledge:

Normal QA skills
•       Set up systems: you must be very good at installing software as well as setting up systems. Your daily work includes:

  • Setting up Windows server, MSSQL server, MongoDb, IIS, and a lot of other softwares and frameworks.
  • Set up and configure web sites under IIS, Windows services, Windows applications, etc.
  • Diagnosis skills, trouble shooting skills (experience in using command line, Powershell, profiling tools such as Fiddler, and SQL Profiler).
  • Ability to effectively communicate information, both verbally and written, to end users and executive management.
  • Ability to work independently, receive minimal guidance and solve complex problems.
  • Ability to work under high pressure.

Plus points if you also know:
•        A little C# coding

Other requirements:
•        You must be able to work 30 or 60 minutes late at night to coordinate with other team members who are working late.

Besides the technical skills, an important requirement of the job is the ability to solve problems. Typically our employees have responsibility for their own set of clients, so when clients have an urgent issue then there may be no one to ask but your self. In this situation the only solution may be Google, try, test, try again, try again, and never give up till the problem is solved. It does not mean you need to know everything – but that you can quickly learn new stuff, research and improve so that no challenge is impossible for you.

Wanting the best resources also means that we want to be the best paying place to work in town. So if you have the skills and find you do not fully benefit from them, please send us an application today!