INTIRE – A paradigm change for capturing business process data

Immenso, an innovative Danish consultancy company, have set up an ODC (Offshore Development Center) with RangstrupIT to support the ongoing development of a unique business process solution known as INTIRE.

Where regular time registration systems require users to manually register what they use their time for, INTIRE does this automatically. With an ever increasing number of digital devices and software solutions supporting the workday of professional services companies, employees are leaving digital footprints throughout the workday. Calendars, business software, social tools, ingoing and outgoing calls, and internet traffic all provide a picture of where a company’s resources are allocating their time and effort. Redundant and time consuming non value adding administrative procedures are often just seen as part of a company’s prioritized processes and regular time registration processes therefore seldom reveal such possible areas of improvement.

INTIRE is not solely an alternative to time registration. It is as much a performance analysis system measuring an organization’s efficiency and performance across roles and responsibilities. Such measurements are typically outsourced to external process consultants, but with INTIRE such time studies can immediately become part of the continuous improvement efforts of a company. Management can be notified when organizational units are using too little time on key processes or what type of quality problems that are occurring – in real time!

The following video – developed by RangstrupIT’s Multimedia unit in cooperation with Immenso – gives an idea of how this tool will be the next big thing within Operational Excellence.