ComponentNation – Going Live Soon!

As one of its incubation service projects, RangstrupIT is currently engaged in developing a site called ComponentNation. The site will go live at within a month. The site aims to fill a gap in the market for components. Currently, there are really only two ways to get components; either as part of large component packages or as open source offerings.  For buyers, the market thus has a number of weaknesses. To get hold of a needed component, the user will need to buy 100s of components he does not need. If he goes for open source components, he will not be able to find any that have sufficient quality, are sufficiently supported, offer proper license, and are documented well enough to be used in a product. In the same way, the market for components is not well suited for individual developers or small companies. To set up a site and attract buyers takes a large investment. Most simply do not feel that the code they have used a long time on making can be marketed easily enough and therefore never offer it to anyone or offer it as open source – and after that simply just let the code regress.


ComponentNation means to change the way that buyers and sellers communicate by offering a place where low price high quality components can easily be exchanged. Instead of each developer repeatedly developing the same code, we hope the result of ComponentNation will be a completely new way of working. Where developers continuously develop reusable code in the shape of components and place it for sale on ComponentNation or find components they need on ComponentNation. As more and more components are introduced it will make sense to make constant buy or make decisions as well as use a little extra time to “package” ones code properly for others who may need it.