About Us

RangstrupIT was set up by a team of colleagues from both Denmark and Vietnam who have worked together in offshore outsourcing for more than a decade. The main owners are 2Rangstrup Holding Aps (who also owns the very successful company Rangstrup Development) and Michael Rangstrup, who has worked with Offshore Outsourcing for more than 15 years in locations like Vietnam, Bangladesh and Philippines. The Vietnam unit is co-owned and managed by RangstrupIT Denmark and Nguy Duc Thuan and Thai Anh Duc, two of Vietnam’s true technical gurus within Microsoft technologies.

The company was founded in Denmark and set up a production unit in Vietnam just a month later, since the network of developers was already in place based on an existing virtual cooperation. In effect, more than half of the employees have worked together for more than a decade and are not only good friends, but also know exactly what to expect from each other.

The culture of the company is that of professionalism. Everyone feels that they need to do their best for the company to continuously keep its promise of being a preferred partner. The company’s golden rules are those of Transparency, Quality and Honesty.


We understand that the best way to create long term relationships is through trust. And a main part of this is transparency. So we register all the time we use minutely. This is actually one of the ways we keep a much higher cost/benefit than our partners. Many partners bill their partners 30 minutes work or even an hour, when they fix a 5-minute bug. We just register 5 minutes. Also our accounts, bug and test management systems, and all other information are open to both our employees and partners, ensuring that not only they know that we are doing our best, but also that we ourselves always have the highest standards to live up to.


We only hire the absolutely top people. People who have a deep-rooted sense of pride in the work they do. People who would rather work overnight to deliver top-end quality than take a short cut and present something they would not be proud of. Code is not just code. The same thing can be accomplished in 100s of different ways. Some ways ensure testability, scalability, maintainability, re-usability, reliability, compatibility, high performance, and security. Others do not. Short cuts have the same effect as badly made parts on a car. The car may crash after some time once a certain condition is met that breaks the part. We do not make bug-free code – that is an impossibility – but we do strive for perfection in small and large projects. Not because anyone is checking our code but simply because of the people we are.


If we are not the right people for a job we will tell you. We would rather not take a job than deliver something which we feel others could have done better. During meeting with clients we constantly come across competitors who present prices and solutions that make little sense to us. If a customer can solve a problem by downloading a free open source component that we know of, then we would rather inform the customer that, than making a new one and in effect wasting the customer’s money. In the long run honesty makes much better business than solely focusing on profits each time.